Martinez Bar ChargesAppeal to Reverse Dismissal of Charges

The following linked document (submitted to the Arizona Bar Counsel on 2/9/2018 by Jodi’s attorney, Karen Clark) is an appeal regarding the dismissal (1/9/2018) by the Bar Counsel of earlier ethics violation charges brought against Juan Martinez:

The document is 37 pages long (actually 36 because page 19 is missing) and since many people are averse to that much legalese, I have attempted to present the essence of the document here:

The Principle Characters

Juan Martinez: Prosecutor in both of Jodi's trials and the subject of this bar complaint.

Jen Wood: Professional blogger and Juan’s alleged paramour.

The Witnesses

Sharee Ruiz: Business partner with Jen Wood during first trial, writing under the name Trial Divas.

Sharee says she will testify under oath to the following:
  • That she and Jen worked together, became close friends and knew a lot about each other’s personal life.
  • That in March 2014 (between the two trials) Jen stated to her that she and Juan had been having an affair since September 2013.
  • That on several occasions she heard Juan's voice on the phone talking to Jen, including telling Jen that he loved her.
  • That during the first trial she observed Juan and Jen duck into non-public areas of the courthouse, including once into a closet.
  • That Jen told her that their first date was lunch followed by a trip to a condo owned by a friend of Juan's where they had sex.
  • That Juan came on to her [Sharee] sexually, flirting to the point of harassment, even though he knew she was happily married. Juan told her that he could “change her opinion about marriage”.
  • That Juan eventually began asking both Jen and Sharee for favors, such as asking them to interview Jodi using questions he would provide, in exchange for inside information that he would provide them. Sharee refused, telling Jen that it would put defendants’ cases - and the entire criminal justice system - at risk.

Tammy Rose: Freelance journalist for KFYI, CBS news and the show 24/7, hired by all three to cover the trial.

Tammy says she will testify under oath to the following:
  • That she and Jen became good friends during the second trial and in January 2015 they began carpooling to the courthouse and spent time together at each other’s house.
  • That shortly after the second trial ended she learned that Jen had conspired with Juan to get juror 17 (the one holdout against the death sentence) kicked off the jury during deliberations.
  • That Jen used one of multiple online false identities to out the name of juror 17 who subsequently began receiving death threats, including from Jen herself.
  • That two days after the original bar charge was filed, she herself [Tammy] began receiving death threats.

Clark Wood: Ex-husband of Jen Wood

Clark says he will testify under oath to the following:
  • That Jen and Juan had an affair and it was the reason for their divorce.
  • That he came to know that Juan and Jen were texting and calling constantly.
  • That once he knew of the affair Jen’s friends confirmed that they knew about it as well.
  • That Jen went to Juan’s house many times and met with Juan on numerous Sundays for a couple of months during the second trial.
  • That Jen went with Juan to Las Vegas the first weekend after the second trial was over but told him, her husband, that she was flying to New York to meet with reporter Jane Velez Mitchell.
  • That Jen bragged about getting inside information about the case that no one else was getting.
  • That Jen bragged about how she and Juan were covering their tracks about Juan sharing inside information with her and that she was helping Juan in return.
  • That Jen and Juan falsified evidence and were involved in lies and perjury during the investigation of how the holdout juror’s name got leaked.
  • That after the original bar charges were filed he [Clark] expect to hear from the Bar Counsel but never did. But he did hear from his wife who threatened him should he talk to anyone about this.

Melissa Garcia: Juror #3 in second trial who was dismissed for reasons unrelated to this matter.

Melissa says she will testify under oath to the following:
  • That shortly after being discharged from the jury (December 2014), she and Juan began communications via calls and text.
  • That correspondence with Juan soon turned flirtatious.
  • That Juan told her that he is “a breast man” and she texted a couple of nude photos of herself.
  • That Juan began referring to her as “Deep Throat”, a reference to the informant in the Watergate scandal.
  • That Juan asked her questions about “where the jury was leaning”, trying to get information about what the jurors were thinking.
  • That Jen was also plying her for jury information to be relayed to Juan.

It should also be noted that Ms. Clark calls out the Bar Counsel Craig Henley for indifference and incompetence. Moral corruption is obviously not unique to Martinez in this wild west system of justice.