Defensive Wounds
Left Hand - Front
Left Hand - Side

Right Hand - Back

Right Hand - Front

From Medical Examiner's Report

  • Note that there are no defensive wounds on the right-hand. The Medical Examiner went on record to say that the few cuts on the left-hand were the only defensive wounds.
  • Travis was right-hand dominant. It should have been his right hand, instead of his left, to sustain the majority of the defensive wounds. There are no cuts of any sort on his right hand.
  • If a person is being attacked by an assailant with a sharp object, typically the natural response would be to use both hands, bringing up the arms in front of their face and neck, in an attempt to protect themselves.
  • If an attacker continues striking out at various areas of the body, the victim would have both hands and arms waving frantically everywhere in front of them, in an attempt to forestall and protect themselves from injury.
  • According to the State, Travis was allegedly attacked viciously with a knife and as he attempted to protect himself and disarm the attacker, he sustained defensive wounds on his left-hand only.
  • If in fact Travis Alexander had been attacked the way the State is alleging, he would have sustained multiple defensive wounds on both hands, bilaterally, (on the outside of his hands and the inside of his hands). He would have also sustained bilateral defensive wounds on the inside and outside of his arms from the elbows down.
  • The media (HLN, Huffington Post, and others) reported that Travis had defensive wounds on both hands, a sure indication that he was defending himself. Really? Two minor cuts over a two minute period? How about checking your so-called facts before you report them as facts! Very sloppy journalism resulting from confirmation bias.

Reasonable Doubt
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