1. Why stage the gun theft as a burglary such that the police are immediately called and a record is created? Why not just “borrow” it? It might not be discovered missing for months and it probably wouldn't be known exactly when it went missing.

She didn't steal the gun and there is no proof that she did.

2. Why, in her master plan to murder, would she change out the bullet type for one less powerful?

She didn't steal the gun.

3. Why visit friends in the rental car if its purpose was to travel in a car not connected with her?

She was not hiding the car because there was nothing clandestine or sinister in her reasons for renting it. Renting a car for her road trip was more financially and security-wise more advantageous.

4. Why borrow gas cans from someone who will mention them to someone, should he ever be questioned? Why not buy gas cans with cash in no-man's land or in some large store where she'd be just one of many customers?

She borrowed the cans because she was planning to be driving in the desert alone, something she and Darryl did often.

5. Why tell Ryan she's on her way if she's already planning a six hour trip to Mesa and then at least another 10 hour trip to Salt Lake City? What kind of alibi is that?

She was planning at that moment to head to Utah, not to kill someone.

6. Why go to the trouble of removing license plates to hide her presence at Travis' house when it would have been infinitely easier to just drape something over them or park down the street? Wouldn't a missing license plate draw even more attention to the car?

The most likely reason the license plates were messed with by a group of skateboarders she saw skating away from her car laughing the night before.

7. Why didn't she kill him upon arrival at 4 am? She's already going to be late getting to her so-called alibi.

She had no intention of killing him, just visit and move on to Utah.

8. Why didn't she shoot him (or quietly slit his throat) during the night when he was sleeping? Why wait until he's fully awake with the capacity to then kill her instead?

She had no intention of killing him.

9. Why have sex with him and leave her presence all over the crime scene?

She had no intention of killing him.

10. Why have him take time-stamped photos of her and then not think to take the camera with her? While he was taking those pictures, was she really supposedly thinking "I'd better throw that camera in the washing machine before I leave"?

She had no intention of killing him.

11. Why would she first attack a man who has 16-1/2 inch biceps and at least 70 pounds on her using a knife if she supposedly came with a gun?

She didn't come with a gun because she didn't steal her grandfather's gun and she

12. Why, if she planned to stab him in the shower, does she not do it during the 40+ seconds he is standing with his back to her?

13. Why after supposedly stabbing him in the shower does she let him go stand at the sink?

14. If Travis had enough in him to go from the shower to the sink, stand there turning the faucet on and off while Jodi is supposedly stabbing him in the back, why didn't he just turn around and smash her a good one?

15. How would anyone, except the one who is controlling the attack, have the option to stop, stand at the sink and mess with the faucet?

16. If he still had enough energy to travel down the hallway to the bedroom, why didn't he just use that energy to stop all the stabbing she was supposedly doing during that time period?

17. Why did Travis have only five relatively minor wounds on his hands, only one on his dominant hand, and none on his lower arms if he was supposedly defending himself against a knife attack for more than a minute and perhaps up to two minutes?

18.. Why would anyone who supposedly premeditated a murder intentionally fire off a gun at 5:30 in the afternoon in a residential neighborhood for no good reason other than to supposedly make a statement to an already dead person?

19. Upon leaving why wouldn't she have noticed the license plate was upside down while supposedly screwing in those little fasteners? Wouldn't it be more possible for someone to notice her squatting behind the car thus drawing even greater attention to her presence? Certainly more likely than anyone noticing and remembering a license plate.

20. Why does she make cell phone calls in Arizona heading north from Kingman toward Hoover Dam, thus negating the supposed reason for borrowing the gas cans or turning off the cell phone?

21. Why does she fill the cans in Salt Lake City if their purpose was to hide her trip into Arizona? Was she also hiding her trip from her so-called alibi home to Yreka?

22. How is it Jodi supposedly came up with the most idiotic murder plan in history (a twelve-year-old could have devised a more intelligent plan than that) but was also apparently able, with all her "caginess", to fool three experts with more than 90 years of collective experience in their respective fields?

23. If Jodi was planning to lie about the whole thing under oath on the stand, why during those 4+ years didn't she come up with a reasonable scenario about what happened during those final moments? (I came up with one within about ten minutes of viewing the crime scene. And I wasn't even there.)