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What They Failed to Tell Their Viewers

The Jury

Here's five things they failed to mention about the jurors:

1. The jury, in this five-month-long, worldwide-televised trial, was not sequestered and the jurors therefore went home nightly to family members who were most likely following the trial on HLN and were exposed constantly to the hostile court of public opinion.

2. Jurors admitted that during the long delays they spent their time on their electronic devices.

3. Snarky questions from jurors (part-way through the trial) indicated they had already decided she was guilty before they had heard all of the evidence.

4. On sentencing day, jurors from both trials showed up wearing blue (Travis' favorite color), showing their overwhelming support for Travis, and the judge allowed them to sit in the jury box while the sentence was handed down (highly bizarre).

5. Most of the jurors from both trials partied with the Alexander family, with Juan Martinez (prosecutor) and with Esteban Flores (lead detective) after both trials ended. (There is apparently nothing illegal about this but it does seem so unsavory and contrary to the spirit of the justice system.)

Here is a photo of the "blue jury" on sentencing day as well as several photos of jurors celebrating their victory with the Alexander family, the prosecutor and the lead detective. Their only regret is that they weren't able to kill her.


The Blue Jury
(including jurors from the first trial)[Photo compliments of televised coverage of sentencing]

Jurors with Juan Martinez, Det. Flores and Travis' sisters, Tanisha and Samantha[Photo compliments of Tara Kelley, Juror 17, first trial]

Tanish dining with Jurors.jpeg

Tanisha (left) celebrating with more jurors[Photo compliments of Tara Kelley, Juror 17, first trial]